This experience is owed undoubtedly to the founding partner, Mr. Mário dos Santos Pinheiro, also known as the stone Mario or Mario from MARCANT: “A giant who owned nothing and overcame barriers and obstacles with the same naturality with which in their work and in their dealings lived with suppliers and customers, with employers and workers. Although seemingly restricted nature, the approach in the conviviality showed its real face simple man of surpassing weakness and smoothness in his way down-to-earth.”Currently, MARCANT is dedicated to the extraction, processing and marketing of various grades of block stones, slab, tile, stone work and cut-to-size according to the projects to supply.

The stone extracted from our quarries and that which results from strategic partnerships established for criterial selection, is conducted to our factory where it is transformed into different products and expedited by sea or by road appropriately packed , fulfilling all European standards.

The plant, located in central Portugal, equipped with the latest technology, has an area of 35,000 m2 of blocks and slabs, mostly from the Alentejo and Serra d’Aire and Candeeiros thus ensuring a large stock and high quality. The customer can count on an expert team and personalized service in order to ensure their needs.

Soon, with the adoption of innovative technological processes of latest generation, the company plans to increase its production capacity and enhance the provision of higher value-added products with built-in design and ensure its competitiveness and modernization.